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Stamps! [04 Aug 2005|01:25pm]
I bought a pair of scissors yesterday, one that cuts stamp edges. Last night I was bored, and made a few stamps.

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From one of my many art journals [24 Jul 2005|09:48pm]
Here are some images from one of my art journals. There are scetches, paintings, drawings and scribbles.

Excuse the poor quality in some of the pictures. They're taken with webcam.

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Sewing [22 Jul 2005|05:07pm]
Sorry for the lack of updates. Ive been doing a lot of textile work lately. Here's what Ive done:

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ATC's [14 Jun 2005|03:50am]
My latest ATC's. Today I decided to make a few more traditional ATC's. Most people do them a bit vintage, and I wanted to have a go too, cause I havent done anything like that before. Here are the results:

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Summer Journal [31 May 2005|02:25am]
Today I made a journal for the summer. Will start writing in it on June the 1st. Its made with papers from a usual notepad that I stole from work a year ago. Now its handbag size and much easier to bring with me everywhere. Its a very VERY simple book, and it only took me abot 5 minutes to put together, so dont expect anything spectacular. Im posting it anyway, because its such a simple and quick book to make. Especially good when you have scraps from old notepads with only a few sheets left here and there.

It looks crooked in the photo above. It's not. Its very straight, but its the (semi) fisheye lens in my webcam that makes it look that way. Sorry about that.

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ATCs again [30 May 2005|05:00pm]
Ive scanned the ATCs now, and I also made a few more. Here are the scans. Much better picture quality than in my previous entry.

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Artist Trading Cards [30 May 2005|05:04am]
I made some new ATCs today. Here are very bad photos of them. Cant be arsed to scan them at the moment, so I took webcam pics of them instead.

And here's a cute llama I made:

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Pocketbook [22 May 2005|04:29pm]
I made a pocketbook yesterday and today. Just finished it. I wish I could take better pictures of it, because these photos dont make it justice. Oh well... Its night black and golden anyway. There are letters visible on the tags, and when you pull them out they say the name of the pets Ive had. Its like a tribute to them.

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Envelopes [21 May 2005|03:12pm]
I made two envelopes today. The papers are from A catalogue I took at The Pier.

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Massive ATC update [19 May 2005|11:53pm]
Ive been creating lots of ATC's lately. Ive now scanned them and put them online at: http://hem.bredband.net/oxytocin/vegasatc/ Some are serious, some were playful. It all depended on my mood.

Pictures of the news ones are behind the cut.

Beware! Very picture heavy!Collapse )
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Update... [12 May 2005|04:01am]
No, I havent died by falling of a cliff. Ive been busy with several projects, and Ive been at my fiance's house.

Yesterday I went to the library and borrowed five crafty books...

Barbara's paper - by Barbara Bunke
Candle making - by Sue Spear
Book about paper - by Solvi Vatn
Origami and papercraft - by Paul Jackson
Papercraft school - by Clive Stevens

...and today when I came home I folded this:

Here are the projects Im working on:

The LMP Card Project (no link) - fans creating cards together, to give to Lisa Marie Presley
ATC 10-30 - Artistic Trading Cards in Swedish
Tassar som sussar - Swedish site about dogs sleeping

That should keep me busy for a while... lol
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Two tiny books [05 May 2005|05:22pm]
A couple of days ago I made these two tiny books.

I am willing to trade these books (with other books). Contact me in comments if interested.

Click here for bigger pictures of booksCollapse )

Information about the books!
PINK: 75x53 mm - 28 pages - cover is pink, streaked - heart is silver and shiny
BLACK: 75x54 mm - 24 pages - cover is black and has got red sparkling glitter all over - heart is wine red
BOTH: The pages are light purple, in different shades and with exciting patterns. The black book has got more harsh patterns, while the pink book has got more soft patterns. They have been colored that way with red wine. Covers are hard, and theyve been bound using Japanese binding technique.

[cross posted]
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Photography [01 May 2005|04:13am]
Since photography is my main hobby, I figured it would be neat with a litte photo update. The size of the images are rather small to keep down file sizes. Im sorry about that, but Im running out of space.

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crafts club [30 Apr 2005|07:07am]
Today we had that crafty get-together I mentioned earlier. Here's a picture, but Ive taken their faces out of the photo, because I dont know if they want to be on the net. Better to be safe than sorry!

We had a good time. Ate popcorn and candy, talked a lot and had fun. Will update the journal later, with pictures of some of the things we made.
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all my books so far [29 Apr 2005|05:49am]
Ive updated Inspiration with all the books Ive finsihed so far.

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Dont forget to check out Inspiration now and then, because I update it rather often, without saying anything about it here. It would be super neat if you signed the guestbook too. I'll return the favor if you have a guestbook on your site :)
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tiny books [27 Apr 2005|07:17am]
Ive made a series of tiny books. There are five of them, theyre all the same size, 28 pages each, and inspired by Japan. The papers inside the books have been colored by coffee, to get rid of that bleached look the original papers had. Covers are made of my homemade paper and by some handmade paper I bought in Brighton last year.

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bookbinding [26 Apr 2005|07:39pm]
Ive made a birthday book! Its made from scratch, with my handmade paper. Ive bound it with Japanese binding technique, and to continue with the Japan theme, I decided to write "celebrate" in Kanji. The writing probably looks crap to someone who knows what its upposed to look like, but it looks ok to me and thats all that matters :)

Each month for each page, and there I'll write down my friends' birthdays. I always forget, normally... I'll also write down their favorite color, animal and flower, to get some ideas for personalized cards.

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handmade book [26 Apr 2005|04:51am]
Ive decided to make a book out of my handmade papers. Im halfway though. Ive been sewing and gluing the papers together, and theyre drying at the moment. You can see the progress here:

On Friday me and four of my friends are getting together to do crafts. We've rented a place where we won't be bothered by others, a place that has got lots of space and lots of tables. Im sure it will be a lot of fun! :)
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gift tags + hand made paper [23 Apr 2005|06:07pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Ive been working on a lot of gift tags. I'll keep them in a box, and whenever someone's birthday is coming up, I'll use them for the presents. Each tag is aprox 4 to 7 cm. The hearts and the star and the bee's wings are in 3D, as you can see a bit clearer in the first photo (the one with two hearts and pink background). All the tags have some sort of 3D thing going on.

More pictures of gift tags are available at my site, inspiration

Curious to see how my paper turned out? Here they are!

And here's a small photo of all of them together. I made quite a few! And I plan on making even more later today.

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Book binding and making paper [18 Apr 2005|10:28pm]
Today I made my own paper:

Im also working on a new book. You can see it here: external link
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