vegacrafts (vegacrafts) wrote,


No, I havent died by falling of a cliff. Ive been busy with several projects, and Ive been at my fiance's house.

Yesterday I went to the library and borrowed five crafty books...

Barbara's paper - by Barbara Bunke
Candle making - by Sue Spear
Book about paper - by Solvi Vatn
Origami and papercraft - by Paul Jackson
Papercraft school - by Clive Stevens

...and today when I came home I folded this:

Here are the projects Im working on:

The LMP Card Project (no link) - fans creating cards together, to give to Lisa Marie Presley
ATC 10-30 - Artistic Trading Cards in Swedish
Tassar som sussar - Swedish site about dogs sleeping

That should keep me busy for a while... lol
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